Road Trip USA 2011

 2nd of August we escaped from the Billings Ho Jo ( I thought everyone called a Howard Johnson – HoJo ) after the reaming we took on the room cost, bloody painful . I am still having difficulty sitting down. $200!


 The reason for the outrageous prices for Billings hotels we learned, was due to an oil pipe that had broken and leaked into the Yellowstone river. You would be forgiven for bursting into tears with that news alone. However this bought many numbers of temporary clean up workers into the city taking up much of the hotel space, this is what made my eyes run, supply and blasted demand! Do they not know who I am?


 Sue found us a smashing route out of Montana into Wyoming, via an alpine pass. It was absolutely stunning. I am so glad we disregarded Gladys and put Sue in charge. Glad would not have taken us this way, to miss it would be a criminal act. It was teaming with bikers all superbly turned out on expensive immaculate mostly Harley machines. My personal favorite is the Yamaha star though. It looks like a Harley but even classier somehow. Hair pin after hair pin we wound our way up towards the snowcapped mountain tops. Being  in America there are lots of lay-bys where you can stop and give yourself a bowel disturbance as you admire the view below.

 The sun shines but its a cool 70 sommat, the top of the mountain and therefore on the nippy side, we were still in shorts though. We could have been in Austria or Switzerland, with the mix of alpine flowers and snow, it was a magic moment. 


 The US212 out of Montana into Wyoming , then the Chief Joseph Highway  to Cody Wy, are the most beautiful of roads. The most stunning location, full of teaming , raging mountain streams , rivers and waterfalls, with a back drop to dream about. I am sick of beauty now I can’t take anymore. I would like to conclude by thanking the lunatics that built these roads. If only “Top Gear” knew about this?


 When we drove in to our new location, Shoshone lodge, just out side Jellystone park  about 45 miles past Cody, I thought it was a Hill Billy encampment. What at these prices? It turned out ok though, the people on the porch with no teeth were fellow guests. There were 2 other British couples staying here at the same time as us. The office staff thought that was a special coincidence, we thought it was a bit of a bastard, never mind though we still managed to avoid them.


NB Gladys is our sat nav!


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