Road Trip USA 2011

  21st and  final day August 2011 We chose to play the only CD we have,  Steppenwolf late 60s music. There are only 3 tracks we like, I say we but it’s really only me.Sue tolerates it well and I don’t overplay them, just once a day, the art of compromise eh?

 So we go with “Born to be wild”, “The Pusher” and the other one to which which I’m a recent convert and don’t know what it’s called. I wish we had a radio.


 So far, and I touched wood here, the jeep had been wonderful , the only problem, I find is with a locking nearside rear wheel, when grip is low. I first noticed it last Christmas and it hasn’t healed up by itself as I had hoped. It was a worry in the rain storms, but I managed to avoid emergency stops, like you do, in fact, if I use the brakes at all, for any reason, I consider it a failure of planning. I’ll have a look at it in Charlotte I think, as we are off to Cincinnati in a couple of days, another 400 miles!

 The 3 rd Steppen track is ” Dyin Slow” a good line is , “he said he wanted heaven but prayin was too slow, so he bought a 1 way ticket from an airline made of snow”.


 We cleared the Smoke mountains a part of the Apalatian Chain that separates Tennessee from North Carolina expeditely  and its another wonderful Interstate through the mountains. When you think that this country, little over 100 years ago had very few metaled roads, except in the towns, they have done jolly well, traveling by road in this country is very close to a pleasure. 


The interstate system was promoted by President Eisenhower. His experiences in WW2 made him realize the the difficulties , sometimes impossibilities of logistics , to defend a country like this moving stuff about would be the priority and it works for everyone not only the military. 


Once back in Charlotte we took the jeep in for a professional clean, they did a great job, as we left there was a horrible noise from up front, what the? There was a loose piece of plastic under the engine compartment, they may have loosened it with the sprayer or something . All those miles and these bastards! It’l  fix easy enough I suppose.

                  We were Done!


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