Road Trip USA 2011

 17 TH August and we were still looking for enchantment, I suppose at a stretch, yesterday’s lunch at Wendy’s in San Bernalillo was pretty enchanting, I liked mine anyway. I chose the “wild berry chicken salad”.  “Large a small” says the operative, small I reply , I get  enough to fill a goat, what do you do with a large one I wonder?

 Every time I see the San Bernalillo name I keep wanting to throw in a letter d, Bernadillo, but it isn’t a dillo its a lillo, we passed over the Rio Grande, is this the Rio Grande from westerns?  I ask myself, well how disappointing , it makes the river Derwent in Derby look ” the river pretty  jolly impressive” if you ask me.


 San Bernalillo gets it’s name from an ancient, very well respected, local priest, who one day decided to float down the rio an an inflatable mattress. He was disappointed , he thought it would be an exiting experience instead it was more like playing the stick part, in a game of Phoo sticks. In his frustration, he consequently pulled out of the river at this very spot and set the mattress afire. The locals saw this and started shouting “the saint burn a Lillo!” . The name stuck.


 The breakfast at last nights  decent motel was a 7/10 by the way. Amarillo Tx was the next target!

We were just starting to feel the enchantment of the New Mexico nick name, as we cross over the border into the Lone Star State, bugger ! too late to be enchanted now.


 We were so far ahead of schedule, we did some more of the historic rote 66, even Gladys caught on, stopped trying to put us on the i40, and just  enjoyed the ride. We called in at a state park called. Palo Duro Canyon. 10 bucks before you ask. Typical Americans, well Texans actually, they built a road into the canyon so it can be accessed , like they do. It’s not easy but they do it, and I’m glad. I wanted to do a bit of hiking while we were there, the park ranger advised against it, ” it’s rather hot today, I would not advise it”. Did I mention before that it was hot? Well I was lying, now it is HOT! Blistering HOT! I was still going to hike though, it was a challenge you see. Once I sobered up, much to Sue’s relief we skipped the idea. And drove through the park. It was all geology again I’m afraid, and we’ve done that.


 For those who like a bit of native Indian history and legend, thats me of course. The Palo Duro was used as the last redoubt of a Comanche Chef called Quanna Parker, the vicious soldiers who were sent to slaughter his tribe couldn’t shift him. I remember the name Quanna Parker from a John Wayne movie some where, he was the progeny of a  coupling, Between Peta Nocona a comanche chef and an American European called Cynthia Ann Parker who had been assimilated into comanche life from an early age  I just liked the name. Another Indian name that caught my ear was “Sicatrice” or Scar in English again from a John Wayner “The Searchers” I think, good ol John Wayne I say.

  There were some beautiful clothes and shirts in the gift shop absolutely gorgeous, did I just use the word gorgeous and clothes in the same sentence?  I think I need help, they do say once you recognize the need, you are on the road to recovery.

 Sushi this evening I think. After a good few lengths in the pool.

 We”re off to get hammered in the “long branch saloon” in Dodge tomorrow.


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