Road Trip USA 2011

 14th  August. As we were ahead of schedule and had done the monument stuff, which we were supposed to do to day, we find ourselves with a spare.

 So we went for a drive through an area called “Valley of the Gods” it was a dirt road and rather washboard in texture, we had to crawl along, it’s not our car you see, at about 5 or 7 mph, even on good bits 10 was tops. We were passed by every vehicle that came upon us, I guess they were in rentals.


 The area is , I’m sorry to use the word again AMAZING, the shapes of the geology, some are like trophies mounted on plinths, some are just plinths, the trophies long since stollen. The different shapes change from alternate angles and there are so many of them, definitely worth two or three hours out of your life if you are ever in the area. It would be called “Monument Valley” if we didn’t already have one.


I really can’t set to to describe it, you would get fed up with the superlatives and its constantly changing with every kilometer. 


 The last mile  was washboard rotten,( this is what happens to all dirt roads after it rains, they then have to be regularly regraded with heavy machinery) and what do we see coming at us as quick as he could go? A motor home, a renter from Cruise America, this bloke was going for it, on a road definitely not suitable, (if he’d bothered to read the warning signs). Every part of this thing was vibrating and shaking, as he came towards us we could see his wing mirrors flapping like a humming birds wings, they are huge affairs and stick right out into the wind. They won’t be on by the time he’s done and Sue says wait till he’s sees in the back, milk will be butter and the inside looking like, the IRA have just paid a visit.


  After leaving the valley we ascended another alpine road, this one was a bit more scary, you are right on the edge, the drop is steep, and it just feels wrong. It is called Mukacuji road, it goes right to the top of a flat toped mountain, but you have to ask why? It doesn’t need to have been built, it does eventually lead to a national park, but why would you need a “short cut” to it from Mexican Hat? where the residential population must be about 20! None of it made any sense, unless it was built by apprentice civil engineers as a test or to pass an exam or something.


 By the time we had finished mucking about and paid a visit to the state park called “Natural bridges national monument”. Here they wanted 6 bucks, I thought I’m just not that bothered , we turned round and went to the same restaurant as last evening, the cowboy one, and got 2 more bandannas. Blast! Now I’ll have to start my own biker gang, to use them up.


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