Road Trip USA 2011

 11th  August, we’ve done the grand canyon at last!

 It entailed driving into Zion and past the canyon, the road was another alpine one through some amazing geology , stunning colors in the rock, pinks, oranges and various shades of white, the rock swirled and swept some amazing shapes  (sorry about amazing again) it is too difficult to describe, it has to be seen, simple as that.


 We continued south through farmland and scrub, somebody farmed Bison, loads of cars stopped to get there prayer mats out, no jams though this time.

 The scrub land ?I may be being unfair here but again nothing is growing but sage brush. This land it seems to me is perfect country for the goat. It’s public land Managed again of course, what needs to happen is and this is sheer genius. We get an Afghan goat herder, there are loads of them in New York driving cabs not knowing the hell where they are going. We put this man where is talents are best suited, give him say 50 goats, all he has to do is keep them together ,moving slowly ,browsing on the brush and prevent them going on the road! He could meander along the highway do 50 miles one way and 50 miles back, that would take about a year leaving a100 yard wide, neatly tended strip along each side. The goats would leave fertilizer in there wake, another bonus. They would breed during the year maybe even double in number. When they get back to the starting point, the excess is sold. For the moment, to Arabs and Jamaicans, they already love it. Now we need a bit of investment to popularize goat meat to the Americans. Next year we’ll be millionaires Rodders! The one creature we have not seen here is? yep that’s right sheep! Oh and goats of course.


 What can one say about the Grand Canyon? It is a canyon, well several actually, and yes it is rather grand. That undersells it by a light year I think.  Every  where you go it is quite stunning , as the sun moves round the change in light brings a new perspective we couldn’t see right to the bottom to the Colorado river that carved it, we could see a bleeding long way down though, 1000s of feet. No sign of vertigo, not like on the London eye, there were one or two having a moment and clinging to the rock wall. That is the thing, the park is so well managed as are they all, I must say. I t seems that the philosophy is to make stuff accessible to folks. Even if they want to toss themselves off, let’s make it easy. It’s brilliant I love it. The hot spots are even wheelchair accessible . We took a short hike maybe only a mile, the air at 8000 ft is a nice temperature a gental breeze kept the armpits dry, you could easily get sunstroke in these circumstances, so mind how you go.


  Lunch was taken in the nicest restaurant , with the stunsationalist view, most welcoming and professional staff, at the most reasonable price, I have ever experienced. That includes the fabulous revolving restaurant  on the mountain top in the Austrian Tyrol. The chef wasn’t the best though, although his blueberry pie WAS worth killing for.


 What a lovely day, the north rim was well worth the 5 Hr round trip.

 I would love to go again, do a proper hike to the bottom, with rucksack, and a tent. I,d probably have to be buried there though as the walk back up would make me cry just before it killed me. This is though, a great place just like Zion for a camping holiday. No Mosquitos either I don’t think they can carry enough oxygen to fly at this hight.


 We passed a shop on the way which made us think? They had a big sign, they sold, it appears GAS ,GUNS, AMMO, and BEER! Would you pull over a guy for drunk driving here? No I didn’t think so, me neither.


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