Road Trip USA 2011

 10th August and pleased to leave Vegas on the whole, It’s alright in it’s way I suppose, I like the in your face brashness, the unashamedness of it and the thoroughly professional attitude of it’s profesional workers, the Hotel staff , waiters and the like. What is not enjoyable is the reaming, it is well done though,  a bit like a mosquito, apparently they inject a little anesthetic like substance into you before they ram home the blood sucker, that is why it only feels like a minor irritation until it’s too late. Vegas’s sleazy undercurrent is just not me, I’m not that in need of a pseudo sexual experience, I’ve more than I can cope with at home but thanks anyway now clear off!

 The Elvis thing does leave a nice after taste though.


We did 160 miles to Zion national park, Gladys had a monk on, until I managed to give her a damn good reboot, she sobered up and got us to our B and B, I’m sat in the “Mark Twain room” at the “Novel House” each room is modeled on a writer, e.g. Chekov, Whitman, Louis Lamour etc, Sat at a writing desk from the Mississippi steam boat era, scrawling away, I am certain you can tell by the prose , the wit, the style , it’s coming across isn’t it? Don’t answer , it was a rhetorical question anyway.


 We got here a bit earlier than anticipated so were able to go in the park and have a short hike. I though roughly recommend this place to you, Dove Dale on crack is my best description. I am sorry about the next statement you’ve heard it so many times now. Dead well organized. You still do all the nature stuff, but it’s not over the top hard work. On today’s hike we saw a gecko, a caterpillar it was 10 mm diameter though, and a deer browsing on some leaves only 10 feet away from us. We didn’t bother taking a photo though as he was quite well camouflaged , I think he’d been to the Bass Pro shop, or Wakefields army surplus and got fixed up real well. You could hardly see him/ her but the noise of the browsing was something else. We started the hike, in flip flops (did I mention we’re stupid?) in the late afternoon luckily it was all in the shade of the mountain, otherwise we’d have fried. Fortunately we are quite skilled at rock climbing in espadrilles, therefore experienced no problems we couldn’t overcome.


 Zion park then, bring your tent and do it. If you book far enough ahead (it’s August don’t forget) you could get into one of the lodges. You could beat it up, do a load of hikes, some are quite demanding by all accounts, expose yourself, no not that way , to nature in a five to 7 days stay and leave a happy person.

 We are restricted to our short visit due to a change of plan. We were scheduled to visit the Grand Canyon from las Vegas but the milage is horrific, we didn’t want a massive car day and a reaming from the park authorities , this is generally $25  a car, for a  7 day pass , you can however, I find ( too late of course)  buy an 80 dollar pass for all N P s for the year, so 4 parks in 1 year and you’ve cracked it. Plus you could have a stiffing from the Indians who own the site plus $50 to park, eek it can hurt big time.

 I need to ask you dear reader a question, I know I’m sat here wearing a string vest, it’s torn in one or two places, I will admit but am I, actually turning Scottish? Och I feel so much better now, thanks.


 Anyway , we are doing the grand canyon north rim tomorrow 3 hrs there 3 hrs back should be a piece of pizza. We have some left over from Sues evening meal, so we will eat it tomorrow for lunch, might even take the wine, what do you think? I had the pork chop- fabbo, with pear sauce yes pear not apple , with cinnamon, knock out! Sue is in the street trying to earn the 25 for the park fee, I reckon she will  be back before we have to leave in the morning- happy days.


 NB Louis lamour wrote westerns, good’ns as well, just in case you were wondering who the fs he? To deserve a place among the greats.


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