Road Trip USA 2011

 9th August. I awoke to the sound of hissing , harruumping and growling, I thought I was being run over by the Flying Scotsman. Senses were recovered, it was around 3am and Sue was on the iPad. I’m pleased we have this friend with us. The lights were on so I thought bugger it! I’m off for a walk.


 There are a few sados playing the machines and tables even at this time, more staff than punters though and still some folks arriving with suit cases. The temperature is balmy so I walked north on the strip, I go one block and there is little but demolition sites and redevelopment.This goes on for 4 blocks until I reach the Circus Circus resort and themed hotel, it looks very lonely even adorned with 1/2 the neon lights in christendom, There is a Travelodge almost in the same grounds and it does look cheap. Then more empty space, then the Hilton and more open space, this must affect their business, the building sites are on both sides of the street.  We reach the Sahara, its closed, I recall this being a famous hotel in the Sinatra era, there is a neon, advertising it’s contents for sale, everything must go and a web site. I’ve passed several of the homeless asleep on the street, I bet they would like the Sahara.


 Eventually I reach the space ship looking thing, its a high rise hotel with a ride on the top that shoots you up like a rocket, it must be a sickening experience. I mean that in a good way.  The environment is getting a bit unattractive now, so I return along the same route, there are still the odd group of stop outs going to their hotels and the odd looking, odd characters on the street, maybe it’s my imagination. Still I try my “full of confidence attitude, coupled with a slight swagger” just in case anyone thinks about accosting me. This is not easy to cary off, when your wearing sandals and shorts.


 Back in the room it’s getting light now, there is still an odor of citrus but Sue is asleep and I’ve enjoyed my walk, and sleep till nearly 9.

 We shared the breakfast again this time the waitress charged us an extra”cover charge” of 5 bucks for the share, my god we bought 2 coffees at 3.75 plus tax each, you would have thought that would have sorted that one. So we don’t leave a tip, the daft bitch spent it on the cover , it was her money she could spend it how she likes. By ek I do sound a bit grumpy!


 I checked the bed for scorch marks and acid burns and -nothing? this is a mystery.

 We went out to the Hoover dam, just for a look it is quite an impressive structure and an engineering feat, almost beautiful in a way, just too much concrete to really do it though and it is surrounded by the ugliest of pylons, not that pylons are ever good to look at. There were more opportunities for a good reaming, we don’t bother with any of it. Especially as you have to go through an airport style security check before, you can’t take the reamer up the bottom anyway. So sod that!


There are thousands of people again the place is teaming, I lost my cowboy hat in a sudden gust, it is seen floating in the Colorado river, I hope it doesn’t block a pipe! Bugger, I liked that hat, even though it did make me look a bit on the gay side .


 We found some more breakfast material on our way out of the town , you don’t have to go too far before the prices become affordable again. In Walgreens opposite the hotel raisin bran is very nearly $7, 10 miles away in Walmart it’s $2. We need milk though so I will have to take the shaft for that at Walgreens , we need it fresh and cold in the morning.


Well! we’ve done the Elvis Circ Soleil and it was brilliant, I smiled for 90 minutes, It didn’t make my cheeks ache, I only know 1 person who can do that, but it was a near run thing. The trampoline bit was a marvel, the lariat skills magic , they even had one on fire! then there was the juggling of 6 shooters then tricks with a  poxy diablo and who can make a diablo amazing, well this bloke could. The ballet bits were a joy , the Elvis video scenes a delight, the drummer bust his balls on the percussion stuff. The circus skill, the trapeze work, the tumbling, the co-ordinated gymnastics! I’ll   stop. it’s all too much. 


We walked back to the TI taking in the water fountain display at the Bellagio on the way. It was brilliant all done to music in time and shooting up 50 feet, another engineering masterpiece, my favorite show on the strip so far.


The one thing that did grate at the Elvis do was the women soloists, ooh it hurt. I had to put my fingers in my ears. I know we have equal opportunities but come on Elvis was a bloke so get real. Sue agreed here, so it’s not a sexist thing you understand. Finally before I sign off and cross the strip for me milk. The advice on seating from Emma and Colin was smack on the money we had the best seats in the house in my view, and there is that much going on at a time you would be hard pressed to see if you were closer, so front centre dress circle is perfect. I even gave a standing ovation and I’ve never done that not even at a Rolling Stones concert!


The Pirate show was cancelled tonight, I think it was for technical reasons or an out break of venereal disease, I’m not entirely sure.

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