USA Road Trip 2011 Chapter 3

3) The 27th turned out a bit of  a big deal, more than I’d planned for anyway.

We were traveling to “The Field of Dreams” movie site in Dyersville Iowa. This movie was made in 1987 all about a seemingly crazy farmer who built a Baseball  Diamond in the middle of his corn growing farm. The movie company actually did this for a set and the farmer has kept it ever since in perfect condition. He has a stall selling ju– no he doesn’t! these were genuine souvenirs. There is no entry fee and if you turn up as I did with a bat and ball you can use it, absolute magic. There was quite a bit of patient driving needed weaving through the corn farms along gravel roads but a good experience none the less. The FOD site is superbly kept, beautiful in fact. I thought we would be the only people visiting it is a 25 year old movie after all but there must have been 50 bodies of all ages in attendance.


I had been keeping the destination secret from Sue, I thought it would be a bit of an ironic surprise. However it turned out nothing of the sort, when she spotted the sign at the gate her face turned into that of a fish. I find it was because I planed to make a family video using the i pad and told her I wanted her to act a part on my film and take part in the movie ( I was scripting on the hoof) she doesn’t like having her picture taken at the best of times, doesn’t like drawing attention to herself, and certainly would not want to appear in a movie. I think it is due to looking like the back end of a tram smash although I’m not certain of that.  Eh what a plonka I am, I never expected that. Anyway I gave it my best shot but due to the misery we only stayed 15 minutes. Enough time anyway to have 3 strikes and I was out. In my defense the 12 year old boy pitching was a particularly nasty, vicious looking cove and rather big for his age.

We spent more time in the , rather immaculate it must be said , rest areas on the side of the interstates having a fag break than we did at FOD. What a pity that we wasted a unique place like that, mainly because we are a pair of twats.


We spent that night in Minnesota in a decent, inexpensive motel called “Americas best Value” and it was, on the way to Sioux Falls South Dakota.

Only bought a tank of gas S62 and the food this evening and the hotel all in only  $125.


We have now hammered through Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Illinois some more then Iowa.  I liked Iowa, it’s tidy , mostly farm land and appears quite prosperous we never saw an untidy yard in any of the homes we passed, usually in any area no matter how proud, there is usually someone who looks as if they are a recently retired gypsy.

In fact if you wish to live in Iowa you can’t just have a tidy yard, it  looks like it must be ironed as well!

Iowa reminded me in other ways of France but without the berets, Citroens, onions, bicycles of course, oh, and the French.

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