I like Americans!

Yep I like Americans on the whole. I know we take the piss out of their brashness and their noise but they are a nice bunch of people. I’m talking about middle class, employed America of course, not the south LA gang bangers or the blood suckers in the lovely ( too good for them anyway ) capital. Middle class America is kind generous and well mannered.
In our neighbourhood drivers will often stop and let you across the road with a pushchair, it’s almost embarrassing to me , a Brit . We are good at pedestrian crossings, well, pretty good. These folk though have us licked, in the road manners stakes.
The 4 way stop for instance is a delight to use, no need for stop lights or a round about, just the rules and manners to obey them. Imagine that!
In England we would be smashing into each utter right left and centre at a 4 way stop like these. ” well your honour she hesitated a millisecond and I was late for me dinner, it’s not my fault she drives like a cnt”. Take him down!

I do think we have them licked in the recycling department though. I know recycling and all that environmental stuff isn’t real, it’s all about appearance over substance. Wind farms for instance, what a load of expensive tosh that is, try getting the government to admit the science, no they prefer to see the bollox of it.
I like the recycle idea though, you remember the olden days of reusable milk bottles and the pop bottles we would return for the 3d deposit?

We now have to have an expensive recycling dump. I will say Derby’s is a far superior effort to the one here in Charlotte, It is signposted nicely “Mechlemburg County Recycling centre”. With a nice arrow pointing the way. No where, does it say, only suitable for basket ball players! This is a massive oversight
I took a pickup full to the top of all the Christmas and “the moving” cardboard all nicely flattened and collapsed to save volume. When I got into the dump, the “cardboard only” skip was 8 feet high! You can’t just chuck it in, you have to throw it up and over, jumping like those bevested lunatics with massive feet! By the time I was done I was breathing like a bull awaiting a sword thrust in The Plaza del Torros.

I tell you if it came to a recycling contest between Derby UK and Charlotte NC, the Americans would think they had turned up for a gun fight armed with a potato peeler.

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