Just walking in the rain

Went for a walk today, in the rain, not all of it was because I’m a twat, far from it, no the little bast/babies wouldn’t take their nap. So I took them out in a pushchair, that fixed em. The rain though was coming down just like it does in the movies, bags of drama and in a huge volume. It’s not like the miserable soaking hanging in the air stuff we get in England or that stuff that has the stupid accent in Scotland or Wales for that matter, where it soaks into your spirit, chills you to the bone and you end up sitting in your car with a hose pipe in the window, so utterly depressed. We’ve all been there, luckily remembering to trap the hose to prevent the window closing and steaming up.

This is a lovely estate to live on, the houses are well designed with human occupation in mind, bags of room, none are more than 50 yards from wooded space, so there are always birds about, Jays, Cardinals, Woodpeckers, and Humming birds and the odd Vulture, maybe it’s an Eagle, or a kite, I dunnow I’m not Bill Oddie. Emma and Colin tell me they have even been visited by a Possum, ugly little bleeders apparently.

Typical house on the estate

There are about 1000 houses all dotted about in a controlled but pleasing manner, these Americans know how to do stuff well. All have gardens mostly turned over to grass, can’t call them lawns though, the grass here has to be as tough as anything to stand the summer heat. All are well cared for there are none with scrap sofas, washing machines or mattresses in them. They would get a stiff letter from the residents association. One is not even allowed to have a boat, caravan or motorhome on view. One has to either keep it in the garage or pay to have it stored. Laundry! On a line? Outside? In the sun? No! Dry it properly you scruffy barstards!


This must be at least 95% effective, I have seen scant evidence of any prostitution in all the time I’ve been here.

Most folk gather up their dogs , still warm shit, even me and I hate dogs, along with children, babies, the young and old folk of course. I say most, as I have noticed the odd turd hither and yon. I may take DNA sample and shop them to the residents association for their verdict, I have never seen a stoning before.

The basic architecture of the estate is the thing though, there are plenty of hills and hummocks to add to the visual appeal, there is even a man made lake at the lowest point of about 2 1/2 hectares. The storm and surface drains all aim their waters into it and of course there is fishing and small water craft allowed on it, No swimming though, there is a residents pool for that sort of behaviour.


The lake

Storm drain with dog(for scale)

The storm drains are working their arses off today though, the water is bombing through the streams that are usually so placid its almost White water category 2 in places. I have the iPod I’ll see what I can do and drop some photos, maybe a vid during the final edit. Luckily there are no shopping carts in the drains clogged with fallen leaves so all flow freely. In some of the lower and more level parts of the estate the water is hanging about in the woods, making it look more like a Louisiana swamp, shouldn’t last long though once the rain abates. These drains are so well made with rocks in the bottom to prevent erosion, even the cast iron drain covers are mighty meaty, big and heavy. They seem perfect for loading into a tresurget, teshurget, big catapult to be hurled at a castle wall. There are no castle walls here though they are all in Disneyland.


The bag of dog turd is there to help you with the scale (it’s a small dog)


Louisiana Swamp North Carolina

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