Boxing Day in NC

A Beautiful Boxing Day in NC Today.

Bags of oxygen about on the dog walk, not a shirt sleeve day though, the bloody thing wouldn’t put it on! Flaming dogs eh?
Course I had me sweater on.
I passed a bloke coming the other way and couldn’t help noticing what a twat he looked, no offence meant here but he did. He must have weighed over 200lbs, 15 stones anyway, really not a tall bloke but ever, ever so wide, and wearing a massive pair of White trainers, you know the sort halfway up his thighs with a huge flapping tongue, (shoes not him), wearing a football shirt, I think he played “short back and sides” for the giants or some such. The thing was though his dog looked the size of a guinea pig. What a combo! Why doesn’t his best friend tell him he looks a complete cnt? Not me obviously he may have bashed me up.

I have done some research on boxing day. Apparently it is the only designated day of the year out of the 365 when you are allowed to punch, in the face, your local MP. Without fear of retaliation, retribution, prosecution, and several other tions that have skipped my mind for the moment, providing you shout “Christ on a tandem take that you. Bastard/Bitch (as appropriate)” when you do it.

Originally it was called punching day but over the years it changed to Boxing day to give it a more sporting overtone rather than the vicious piece of gratuitous GBH that it actually is.

It’s probably too late for you to use in the Uk now but try and remember it for next time. Every day is a learning day!

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