The girl with the dragon tattoo

Went to the movies this morning, yes morning 10-30 am, to see The Hollywood version of “Girl with a Dragon Tattoo”. I have read the book, and watched the Swedish version with sub titles of course, due to my monogluttony, ( not sure if I have the right word there) I loved the book and the Swedflick ( it’s not just Shakespear that can invent words you know) .

The Swedflick, not just because it is an involved demanding mystery with lots of different paths to explore, but it is not glamed up, there’re no beautiful people in it ( they could have had me of course, I’m cheap as well but like I say there was no need for out and out glamour) sod all make up and that made it for me, that bit extra special.

For example I can’t stand CSI NY, I like captain Dan ( scuse the confusion, see Forrest Gump, the bloke in the wheel chair) but I simply can’t stand his side kick. The bird with the 400dollar big curly ginger hair do! It makes no sense, crime scene investigators don’t have 400buck hair do’s and they wouldn’t take them to work. Not only for the simple fact it wouldn’t fit in the hood of the ovvies they have to wear, post O J Simpson. It might get dead body gunge in it aswell. Some producers need to sharpen up.

Check out the Dainish production on BBC4 called the Killing, no glamour, in fact it looks like the cast were chosen randomly from you local Asda, the story is the thing though, brill!

I have one proviso to the above if you are the sort of person that likes to masturbate whilst watching Swedish or Danish movies, none of the above will have much interest for you.

The Hollywood version, “girl with the dragon tattoo” kept the Swedflick standard up, sans glam and that surprised me big time. Even with Daniel Craig in it, he still managed to look like a hod carriers mate, he was actually supposed to be a serious journalist and he was but a scruffy one. It seems when Swedes do “scruffy bastard” they are in a class of their own.

The reason for the mid morning flick was, it’s cheap! Only 10 bucks for 2. Even Sue liked it, she wasn’t too keen on the sex scenes though. The conclusion you can draw from that is don’t go and see it with a Baptist. Do go and see it though, I thoroughly recommend it

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